The Town of Westport has been an essential partner in protecting Westport’s unique rural landscape over the years. The Town was a partner in protecting 8 of WLCT’s 12 destination properties, and consistently supports conservation and agricultural restrictions on privately owned land (which protect land while keeping it in private ownership). In 2019, the Town and WLCT partnered to protect open space connected to the Westport Youth Athletic Association fields off 177 (WYAA), and the Noquochoke Village Open Space Parcel. Both projects are great examples of how the Town of Westport accomplishes multiple goals, with conservation in mind. The WYAA fields are owned by the Town of Westport and will support recreation as well as conservation. The Noquochoke Village Open Space Parcel is a significant parcel along the East Branch of the Westport River, which is connected to an affordable housing project the Town has completed.

The “Town” includes various staff as well as volunteer boards and committees, such as the Conservation Commission, Board of Selectmen, Community Preservation Committee, and Agriculture/Open Space Bond Fund Committee. It also includes the voters at Town Meeting who consistently support the preservation of open space in Westport. So, thank you to the Town of Westport, and all of the individuals who work and volunteer for the Town!