Walt's Farm for sale

439 Briggs Road, Westport

The Westport Land Conservation Trust, Inc. (WLCT) is selling a 12-acre protected property at 439 Briggs Road in Westport, MA most commonly referred to as Walt’s Orchard, or Walt’s Farm. This property has been managed as a “market garden farm” for the past 50 years. A “market garden” farm is a smallscale farm of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and sometimes small-scale animals. WLCT and the Town of Westport are protecting the property with a Conservation Restriction (CR) in order to protect the property’s natural, agricultural, scenic and open space values. WLCT is seeking applicants to purchase this Walt’s Farm who will continue this tradition as a market garden farm.

For more information, please contact:

Even Keel Realty

Attn: Nicole Plante

803 Main Road

Westport, MA 02790

Office Phone Number: (508) 636 -0099


Resale Timeline:




Application & Pre-application Form published

April 22, 2021

Deadline to submit Pre-application Form

June 17, 2021

Property Inspections

By appointment only

Deadline to submit offer and Final Application

June 30, 2021

Applicant Selection

July 16, 2021



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