Fall is mushroom hunting season in Massachusetts. Join mycophiles Garrett Stuck, Bette Low and Mark Straus on a two-hour hunt for macro fungi at Westport Land Conservation Trust’s Dunham’s Brook Conservation Area (1520 Main Road). Whether you’re a seasoned forager of chanterelles and morels or just curious to learn more about the history of mycelium, there’s more to mushroom identification than meets the eye!

Keys to identification will be provided along with information on different cultivation methods, as well as guidelines for safe and environmentally responsible foraging.

Advance registration is required for this program—no exceptions. To register, please email Brendan@WestportLandTrust.org. Space is limited! This event is free with a suggested $10 donation per participant.

WARNING: Some species of wild mushroom are poisonous and toxicity of some species vary with geographic location. In addition, the edibility of some mushrooms depend on methods of preparation for cooking. Before consuming wild mushrooms, consult multiple sources to make sure you know EXACTLY what you are eating, and ideally have an expert identify any mushroom before you eat it for the first time.