What We Do

Since 1972, over 4,700 acres of open space, farmland and wildlife habitat have been permanently protected by WLCT in partnership with the Town of Westport, the Commonwealth and many community partners. Explore here to learn more about the preservation of Westport’s unique rural character.

WLCT’s 46 year track record of protecting land across Westport includes a variety of projects with landowners who have donated land, permanently conserved land with a Conservation Restriction or protected valuable farmland with an Agricultural Preservation Restriction. In addition to protecting land, WLCT owns over 1,300 acres that we steward for public enjoyment and wildlife benefit. We have knowledgeable people ready to help and answer any questions you may have.

For more information, please call our Office 508-636-9228.

Apply to purchase Walt's Farm

For more information on the application process to purchase the 12-acre farm at 439 Briggs Road please click on the button below: