Why did you join the Trail Team?

“I got involved through the Cherry & Webb hike. I never knew how much land was back there. I’d only ever followed the path down to the beach and had never explored the dunes. It’s beautiful in there. You should do another one of those tours soon!”

What has been you favorite Trail Team project so far?

“I’d have to say our current project! The St. Vincent de Paul project is unbelievable. There is so much to be done and there’s so much different stuff to do. It’s amazing how much we accomplish and have accomplished already.”

Tell me about the people you volunteer with on the Trail Team?

“There’s a lot of talented people! Gerry is a very skilled carpenter and Larry has a lot of experience working with stone. Everybody brings something different to each project. I’m really glad to call them my friends and I really enjoy catching up with them each week.”