Dear WLCT supporter,


On behalf of WLCT Board of Directors and staff, I want to thank you for your generosity so far in 2018. This year has been filled with exciting land protection projects, unique opportunities to connect with the land, and an overwhelming outpouring of support from the community.

2018 Highlights:

• WLCT acquired the 82-acre former St. Vincent de Paul (SVDP) property, our largest land protection project in 46 years! A strong partnership with the Town of Westport and Diocese of Fall River, as well as support from over 175 friends, made this acquisition possible.
• WLCT removed 11 buildings on the SVDP property and is reclaiming the natural landscape.
• WLCT and its partners protected 50 acres of farmland that will remain a productive part of Westport’s farming economy in perpetuity.
• WLCT partnered with the Town of Westport to save an iconic 2.4-acre scenic Central Village pasture.
• Volunteers worked over 2,000 hours on the land to maintain the trails and boardwalks for all to enjoy.
• WLCT removed two culverts on Dunham’s Brook, which will improve stream flow and fish habitat.
• Over 700 visitors enjoyed our programs on the land!

We have so much to celebrate in 2018. We’re keeping the momentum going into 2019 with several incredible projects on the horizon, including the creation of Westport’s first community park! With 3 miles of trails and 20 acres of open space, the park will offer a host of natural elements for you to explore. We are also working with local landowners on exciting new land protection projects. Additionally, we will be updating and adding to our trail guide with new trails and properties, and developing new programs and exciting ways for people to engage with the land.

Please make a gift today to WLCT’s Annual Fund. Your annual gift will support this work, and ensure that we continue to protect Westport’s unique rural character.


Trip Millikin
WLCT President

P.S. I hope you will continue to go outside and explore our 10 destination properties and 12 miles of trails across Westport!