Supporter and volunteer, Hope Sterling, removes the second to last sticker as WLCT enters the final leg of fundraising for Phase 2 of the St. Vincent de Paul project.

Last summer, WLCT kicked off Phase 2 of our project to transform the former St. Vincent de Paul property into Westport’s first community park. We had a goal to raise $1.025 million to make this park a reality. Thanks to your support we have raised $830,000 as of today, and are now more than 80% of the way toward reaching our goal!

Last week we met with our friend Hope Sterling to remove the second to last sticker on our Phase 2 fundraising sign. Hope, who lives just around the corner from the future park, is a Massachusetts Certified Horticulturist at Sylvan Nursery and has been instrumental in selecting and sourcing top-notch plant material for the landscape.

Here’s Hope’s take on the significance of the community park project:

Why do you support the Phase 2 effort to transform the former St. Vincent’s camp into a park?

“This future park is part of our big backyard, and we love knowing that we can explore it and share it in the not too distant future. So, while there’s a little enlightened self-interest here, nothing makes us happier than seeing people just playing outside.”

What makes the park project special or unique in your eyes?

“The former St. Vincent de Paul property lies at the southwest gateway to Westport. Preserving this amazing space represents the community’s continued commitment to responsible development and conservation.”

We are working diligently to reach our fundraising goal in the next six months, so that we may open the property to the public this summer. Help create Westport’s first community park. DONATE or VOLUNTEER today. And don’t forget to to save the date!


Save the Date!
Saturday, June 15, 2019
Community Celebration and Opening of Westport’s First Community Park
573 Adamsville Road, Westport