WLCT board member Bob Faulkner (right) celebrating the protection of the 82-acre former St. Vincent de Paul property along side board member Ingrid Davidge (middle) and supporter Cynthia Krause (left) 

Why did you join the land trust Board of Directors?

“There isn’t one answer that comes to mind. You see–I come from a community that was at one time a lot like Westport. I lived there for many years and over time there was a lot of pressure on the community to develop and grow. Variances that shouldn’t have been allowed were given to make way for industry. This was all done for the sake of progress and with good intention–but it became too much in the end. I see the same thing repeating itself in Westport now. I joined the land trust board because I want to use what time I have to help Westport prevent farmland from being abandoned or converted for industrial use.”

“It’s also important to mention that I am continually impressed by the level of professionalism at the land trust. The organization has worked hard over the past few years to assemble a talented team of staff members and I think I speak for the entire board when I say that we hold them all in very high regard.”


What is your favorite Land Trust public program?

“I’ve been to several of the hikes and events now including the Super Bowl Walk and the Summer Concert. It’s important for trustees to represent the organization at public events. Right now, I’m most looking forward to the annual live owl show that we will be hosting at the Westport Public School auditorium later this month.”