The Tuesday Trail Team at Herb Hadfield Conservation Area last August



My name is Lenora Robinson. I work in Archives & Special Collections at Bridgewater State University. As an employee of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, I am eligible for a program called State Employees Responding as Volunteers (SERV). This state program allows me one full day each month where I can volunteer at a choice of many non-profit organizations, including those that focus on the environment.

Westport Land Conservation Trust seemed a perfect fit for the program and so I began the process to add the Land Trust to the list of acceptable organizations for any other Massachusetts employee to choose from. It was accepted earlier this year (2019) and I began my SERV in earnest.


I was partial to the Land Trust because of the consistency of Tuesday Trail Team and the need for help in the office. There is always something to work on and my day is broken up with a variety of activities. Being outside, helping to keep Westport beautiful and learning all the trails with Brendan and the other volunteers has been something I look forward to each month. 

I spend the afternoons with Pam in and around the office doing anything from preparing membership mailings to making post office runs to anything else needed. It has been a great learning experience as well as knowing I’m doing something great for the environment and Westport. If you are a state of Massachusetts employee, I encourage you to learn more about the (SERV) program and consider volunteering with your local land trust once a month as well.