Dawn at Westport Town Farm by Jim McNaughton.

Greg Stone’s “Making” Photographs in Westport Fields and Woods Workshop kicked off on a rainy Thursday morning in early October at Westport Woods Conservation Park. The objective of each class: complete the photo challenges provided to each participant. From rule of thirds to leading lines, our 17 adventurous nature photographers spent the next four Thursdays in October wandering land trust trails in search of the perfect shot.

To our participants: we hope you learned from Greg, and from one another, something you didn’t already know about nature photography. We sure did. Our sincere thanks is owed to Greg for his time, expertise, and patience with this venture along with land trust board member Steve McGuiness who went above and beyond to help facilitate the workshop and ensure a great time was had by all. 

Without any further adieu, here are the 17 Top Shots from “Making” Photographs in Westport Fields and Woods as chosen by participants: