Pamela Stenberg at Westport Town Farm

Volunteer Pam Stenberg assists in the WLCT office, at events, and serves on the Tuesday Trail Team. Westport Land Conservation Trust is thankful to have the help of wonderful community members like Pam who go above and beyond to advance WLCT’s mission. We spoke with Pam this week about volunteering with the land trust and what she is most thankful for this holiday season.


1)     What do I enjoy most about volunteering with the Land Trust?

“Volunteering with the Land Trust is high on my list of favorite activities for many reasons. The variety and diversity of ways to volunteer makes it fun, flexible and interesting, while supporting a great organization on a mission that is truly a benefit to everyone. On Tuesdays with the Trail Team I enjoy working alongside a wonderful group of people on a variety of different projects. While enjoying the outdoors and learning about land conservation, plants and animals, we may be doing anything from planting daffodil bulbs to pulling invasive weeds and vines, to building picnic tables and spreading loam. There is nothing quite as satisfying as freeing a cluster of beautiful native trees, smothered for years by invasive vines! By lending a hand in the office and greeting visitors and guests for a special event, I have gained insight and appreciation into the inner workings of the important work the Land Trust is doing everyday.”
2)     What am I most thankful for this year?
“I am especially thankful this year for my family – those here now and those no longer with us. Those who came before me instilled in me a love of the natural world. The encouragement and opportunities they provided have allowed me to live in Westport, a community for which I am most thankful.”