Westport Woods – You Did It!

It is our great pleasure to share with you the news that the fundraising goal for Westport Woods was reached and this community effort can become a reality! Westport Woods Conservation Park (formerly called Phase 2 of the St. Vincent de Paul project) has been Westport Land Conservation Trust’s (WLCT) largest project to date and you made it happen. With your support, we have raised $1.025 million to create Westport Woods.
Combined with Phase 1 (the effort to acquire and protect this 82-acre property) we have successfully raised over $3 million from public and private sources! Thank you!
You shared WLCT’s vision for this unique property and you were committed to making that vision a reality. This effort has demonstrated what wonderful, unique places we can protect and create together for the Westport community.
We hope you are enjoying Westport Woods. It’s a delight during all seasons. This year, we look forward to sharing the completed Children’s Discovery Area and renovation of the farmhouse with you.


Ross Moran
Executive Director

want to volunteer?

We always need more volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering with the Westport Land Trust, then give us a call at (508) 636-9228 or simply email info@westportlandtrust.org and put “Volunteer” in the subject line.