The 2020 Super Bowl Walk last February 2nd seems so long ago by Greg Stone

 Here at the Westport Land Conservation Trust (WLCT), we believe in the importance of nature and outdoor spaces for the health and wellbeing of the community. Since the COVID-19 pandemic started, people have visited WLCT’s 10 properties and walked our 15 miles of trails at unprecedented rates. Our supporters made it possible for us to keep these properties open and available! Now, more than ever, WLCT’s mission to protect the natural resources, farmland and scenic landscapes of Westport is critical. By donating to WLCT’s Annual Fund today, you will be protecting Westport’s special places, caring for our land and nature, and providing opportunities for people to connect with nature.

This year, WLCT has focused on a few key initiatives. So far, WLCT has:

  • Completed four land protection projects protecting a total of 87 acres of forest, open space and water resources with more to come before the end of year.
  • Secured agreements to protect another 271 acres of forestland and farmland including the protection of the iconic Santos Farm on Main Road – WLCT’s largest project in 48 years!
  • Completed the Phase Two transformation of Westport Woods Conservation Park, including the new WLCT office, visitor space and the Children’s Discovery Garden.
  • Installed over 60 new trail signs across our ten properties to provide a higher quality trail experience and find your way around easily.
  • Logged over 1,500 volunteer hours with the Tuesday Trail Team and office volunteers. Thank you!!
  • Launched the Land Connection Committee, whose goal is to find ways to reach a diverse audience and to connect more people to the land.

As you can see, WLCT’s momentum is continuing with more great projects on the horizon. While some of these projects protect our rural character, sustain our agricultural economy and contribute to the protection of Westport’s fragile water resources, others focus on creating high quality outdoor experiences for the community.

Thank you again for your past contributions. Please make a gift today to WLCT’s Annual Fund. Your annual gift will ensure that we continue to be here for the Westport community during this difficult time.


Please make a gift today to WLCT’s Annual Fund.

Your annual gift will support this work, and ensure that we continue to protect Westport’s unique rural character.