Hope Sterling at Westport Woods Conservation Park circa 2018

Westport Land Conservation Trust (WLCT) is very pleased to highlight the help of our good friend and colleague, Hope Sterling. Hope heads the perennial department at Sylvan Nursery and assists with almost every purchase of plant material WLCT makes. Hope also organizes volunteer groups from the Nursery and dedicates her time–and skills, weekly during the winter months to help WLCT’s land stewardship program. If that wasn’t enough, Hope is also an annual supporter and perennial member.

1) What do you enjoy most about working with WLCT?

“I love being a small part of an organization whose goal is to preserve the open space that we all cherish in our wonderful town. The land trust properties that are open to the public can be enjoyed by all, with no need for expensive equipment or financial contribution (although that is welcome). There’s nothing that makes me happier than seeing kids being kids, flying kites or running through the daffodils or hiking through the woods and stomping through puddles with their families. No apps needed, no WIFI, and no electronics necessary. Oh, and burning brush is great fun!”
2) What did you learn about WLCT that you didn’t know before volunteering?
“There are some amazingly generous and anonymous donors who have quietly pushed the land trust over the top of their fundraising goals to protect large tracts of land in our town. We have a tremendous ‘big backyard’ and I, for one, am truly grateful to them as well as the groundswell of smaller donors that sustain the vision of the WLCT.”