An aerial look at Berry Hill Farm and surrounding area on Pine Hill Road

Westport Land Conservation Trust (WLCT) is pleased to announce that in December 2021 it entered into a contract to purchase the 46-acre Berry Hill Farm on Pine Hill Road. Many may know this farm by its blueberries sold at the onsite farm stand or at Lee’s Market. This important agricultural property lined with rows of blueberry bushes, also contains forest habitat, wetlands that drain into the East Branch of the Westport River, and is near other protected farmland, water resources and forest habitat.


Landowner Bob Pierce and WLCT have been in discussions to find the best way to preserve this important property. WLCT’s goal is to acquire the property, preserve it with a conservation restriction that will keep it in farming, and resell it at its restricted value. The resold property will include the right to build one house. WLCT is thrilled to have the opportunity to preserve this important property and add it to the growing list of opportunities for affordable farmland in Westport.

The total project cost is $1.3 million. WLCT has requested $350,000 from the Westport Community Preservation Act Fund, which must be approved at this year’s Town Meeting in May. WLCT will have until August 31st to raise the remaining funds. We are currently finalizing a fundraising plan and will be determining the fair sale price for the protected farm.

WLCT expects to close on the purchase in November. In the fall WLCT will commence the resale process similar to recent projects at the Santos Farm and Walt’s Farm. WLCT will establish a set price and request proposals from interested farm buyers. Farmers interested in purchasing the land can send contact information to to be added to our list to receive the bid package and more information once available.