Example of WLCT geocache

Are you ready to put your navigation and identification skills to the test? Get ready to hit the trails around Westport looking for hidden Geocaches. What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is an outdoor exploration activity that combines treasure hunting with GPS technology. All you need to do to start is to download the free Geocaching App to a smart device with location services. Go to the trail head, open the app, click on the Geocache title below depending on your location, and begin tracking!

The three Geocaches:

A Rock and a Hard Place Location/Parking: Headwaters Conservation Area (187 Blossom Road)
Timber! Location/Parking: Mill Pond Conservation Area (62 Reed Road)
Tree Cookies Location/Parking Westport Woods (573 Adamsville Road)  

Once you have found the hidden Geocache make sure to sign the logbook and take only 1 of the hidden treasures. Remember sometimes your search for a Geocache will bring you off trail, make sure you can make it back to the trail without getting lost, and respect the land and all its inhabitants.

While you are out exploring, keep your eyes peeled for all the wonderful things you can encounter in the woods. Pay attention to all the different type of animals, trees, water sources, and landscapes. for more fun, pair your Geocache hunt with the Nature Activity found below! Happy hunting and good luck!

For more information or questions, please contact Mather Hoyt mather@westportlandtrust.org.

Download the nature activity for printing