Westport Woods meadow, the first pop-up activity will be at Westport Woods

We are excited to announce a new program happening each month starting in April of 2022- Pop-Up Nature Activities! A Pop Up tent will offer an interactive experience assembled at different WLCT properties for a week each month. We will highlight interesting conservation topics, Westport history, and interactive programs. The tents will feature hands on learning that will provide fun and engaging information for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages- right on our properties! There will be a passive component when visitors can experience the tent individually and a program component with a staff member or volunteer on site. Stay tuned to our events page for more information.

April 18th-24th Backyard Birds @ Westport Woods (573 Adamsville Road)

  • Practice using binoculars and field guides to identify common birds by their sights and sounds.

May 16th-22nd Herb Hadfield History @ Interior Meadow of Herb Hadfield Conservation Area (255      Cornell Road or 364 Adamsville Road)

  • WLCT and the Westport Historical Society will showcase stories, photos, and other info that highlight how Herb Hadfield embodied the Westport spirit.

June 20th-26th Pollinators @ Mill Pond Conservation Area (62 Reed Road)

  • Learn why Pollinators are so important, how we can help them thrive, and all about different types of bees.

July 18th-24th Tree Identification @ Old Harbor Wildlife Refuge (386 Old Harbor Road)

  • Learn how to spot common trees around Westport, and match the correct leaves to the tree cookies at the tent.

August 15th-21st Flower Pressing Workshop @ Westport Woods (573 Adamsville Road)

  • Preserve memories of the growing season by creating art pieces, note cards, or book marks with flowers!

September 12th-18th Ecosystems and Lifecycles @ Dunham’s Brook Conservation Area (1520 Main Road)

  • Explore some examples of the ecosystems of Westport’s forests, wetlands, marshes, and ponds, and the life cycles of common plants and animals.

For more information or questions, please contact Mather Hoyt mather@westportlandtrust.org