The Westport Land Conservation Trust (WLCT) is pleased to announce the second year of the Westport Artists in Residence Program (WARP) at Westport Wood Conservation Park. The residency is a unique collaboration between the Westport Cultural Council (WCC) and WLCT made possible by the generous support of the Helen Ellis Charitable Trust administered by Bank of America. During the month of June, Hanna Vogel will bring her unique talents to the Westport Woods landscape in combination with remaining feature installations from Andy Moerlein in 2021.

“We are delighted to be the host of the WARP program and thrilled to have such a talented artist as Ms. Vogel to work with. Last year, we experienced the joyous interaction of visitors with the creative works of art in this landscape. This was a clear illustration of the importance of saving this place for the community,” said Ross Moran, Executive Director, WLCT.

Hanna describes this multi-part installation as an examination of the tipping point when enthusiastic growth edges into invasiveness. This work is inspired from my previous installations in porcelain (Brittle Desire and Traces) that create structure from clusters of lattices that grow and mound together. I will combine this form with the materials from my other installations (Unrequited Heirlooms) that use steel and paper pulp to evoke elements of growth and decay in nature.  The clusters of lattices will be installed in multiple places along the walking trails, growing with and around the existing plants like a new species trying to fit in, despite lacking their physical flexibility and organic adaptability. Some will start on the ground, mounding upward like dense foliage. Others will grow out from between two branches like a tumbleweed that’s been caught and taken root.

These sculptures strive to seamlessly merge into their environment, expanding over and around the other plants, rocks, and land formations that host them. They appear to spread and reach upwards, from their dense bases and centers to their sparser, more delicate extremities. Like dendrites feelings their way into their surroundings, they seek connection and communication. As they grow into their environment, they offer themselves as a trellis-like support for other plants, or a protective thicket for small animals. These varied interactions with the natural world propose the sculptures as a new, inorganic species, native to a world where it’s impossible to separate what is “natural” from what is built.

“The Westport Cultural Council is excited to co-create with The Westport Land Conservation Trust for a second time in 2022! The inaugural year was a lot of fun with three amazing artists and this year we have decided to focus on one feature artist- Hanna Vogel. We look forward to learning through her experience,” said Merri Cyr, curator for WARP.

During the month-long June residency, Hanna will seek to engage the community by inviting viewers to witness creation in the WLCT workshop at 573 Adamsville Road. In addition, Hanna will conduct a workshop open to the public on June 18th and 19th (REGISTER HERE), and host an artist forum about the work at the Shattuck gallery on Main Road on June 23rd at 6pm. The Westport Cultural Council would like to thank DeDee Shattuck for her generosity in hosting the artist forums at the conclusion of each residency.