Nature Backpack Explorers

WLCT is excited to offer a nature backpack rental program this summer. We have also partnered with the Westport Public Library, and they have a backpack ready for rental with a simply swipe of your library card. For the rest of the summer, you can reserve a backpack via email or when the office is open for the day’s use. The backpacks offer a great opportunity for hands on learning and discovering the best parts of nature Westport has to offer. Walk around the main trail circuits spotting wildlife listed in the field guides, use binoculars to spy on the lively birds, or investigate the countless organisms in the certified vernal pool with magnifying glass containers. The backpacks will be equipped with:

Nature Guides (4): Massachusetts Trees & Wildflowers (Pocket Naturalist® Guide)
Massachusetts Butterflies & Moths (Pocket Naturalist® Guide)
Massachusetts Birds (Pocket Naturalist® Guide)
Massachusetts Wildlife (Pocket Naturalist® Guide)
Magnifying Glass
Bug Box w/Magnifier
Pencil and/or Grease Pencil
Sheet of Paper for Notes/Drawing, etc.

You get to decide where and what to explore, but remember to always leave no trace and to be respectful of the delicate ecosystems that so many animals call home. The backpacks will also have a WLCT Trail Guide.

Email to reserve a backpack or if you have questions about the program.