Greg Stone, WLCT’s Volunteer Photographer, led two in person events at Westport Woods and imparted a great deal of his extensive photography knowledge. Throughout the sessions, we learned skills and techniques to improve subject placement, focus, and depth of field. In summary, Macro means a 1:1 ratio – the subject appears on your camera sensor the same size as in real life. There are many benefits of Macro Photography, by being very close to the subject we can see details that you can’t with the naked eye. It is very rewarding to get a closer look and pick up minute details that our eyes can’t see, however there are also many challenges. One major challenge is just getting close. It’s hard to sneak up on a dragonfly or a grasshopper without spooking it. Another challenge is focusing well. Keeping the focus locked on your subject while they are moving or the wind is blowing can be very difficult. Finally, dealing with an incredibly small depth of field, which is the part of your image front-to back that is in acceptable focus. Playing with the camera angles, subject to lens distance, focal length, and focus stacking are all techniques to create a deeper depth of field in a close up shot.

The participants were encouraged to share their work in a Facebook group, below are just some of the great shots taken by the attendees throughout the month long workshop.