Featuring photography from Robert Feingold

WLCT is proud to present a selection of wonderful photographs from local attorney and conservationist Robert Feingold. Bob is a resident of Dartmouth, born in New Bedford, and frequent visitor to the many special outdoor spaces in the SouthCoast, including the Westport river. Bob has served on the board’s of DNRT, SEMAP and other organizations where he invests time in preserving special places for public enjoyment. This Fall Bob has shared wonderful photographs of birds from his travels in the Westport River and beyond. If you visit the Westport Woods Conservation Park Learning Center starting October 11th through December 31st, you can enjoy these feature photos and learn more about the birds.

Below are a few teasers!

A group of Sandpipers enjoying the beach. They often stand on one leg to conserve body heat lost through un-feathered limbs.