WLCT’s week of thanks features individuals, community members, and more who make our work possible. Each year we highlight just some of the many people who strive to preserve the best of Westport!

WLCT would like to thank Kathy for all she does for WLCT! Kathy was an integral part of getting kid’s programs up and running at the Learning Center and at different properties this summer. She helped engage and educate families during our Pop Up Tent series, Arts and Crafts days, and events like the Fairy House building workshop at Mill Pond Conservation Area.

How long have you been involved in WLCT?   

I started to volunteer this summer 2022.

 What is your connection to WLCT and the world of Conservation?

I love Westport as my first job ever was as a 3rd grade teacher at the Earle School.  Since then I have had the opportunity to travel and live away but am happy to return to the area.  I completed graduate studies in Elementary Science Education at Syracuse University so I am so happy to be able to volunteer at the education center at WLCT. 

What is your favorite thing about WLCT/ Westport in general?

The Learning Center is a wonderfully equipped and welcoming area for kids.  Lots of things to study and peak curiosity and a love of science and nature.