WLCT’s week of thanks features individuals, community members, and more who make our work possible. Each year we highlight just some of the many people who strive to preserve the best of Westport!

Today, we would like to thank the Town of Westport- the entire Town! WLCT partners with various Town boards and committees, the Recreation Department, Police Department and Fire Department, the Conservation Commission on strategic projects to preserve the best of Westport. These entities are just one piece of puzzle, everyone in Town is crucial to the effort to preserve this special place for future generations. THANK YOU! Below is a selection of photos from recent projects WLCT has partnered with Town on.

Westport is a truly special place, not only for the spectacular resources, but more importantly because of the community of people who call it home. We are so grateful for those who serve the community through public service and for those who partner with WLCT on a daily basis to preserve the best of Westport. Open space, conservation, and agriculture are at the heart of Westport’s heritage. THANK YOU!

Ross Moran, Executive Director WLCT