Many who visit the trails of southeastern Massachusetts are drawn to the beauty of a dynamic system. Wetlands, forests, open fields rolling down to the coastal plain. Westport is a really cool example of a unique Massachusetts biome made up of deciduous forest and coastal plain. We have it all!

In the forested trails of Westport we enjoy the stalwart oaks, both red and white, and a mix of many other hardwoods. We also have a unique density of holly! American Holly (Ilex opaca) thrives in the acidic soil of Westport and the dynamic wet/dry conditions. It has proliferated well in the understory of oaks and adds stunning interest to the Westport trails in the winter time. The density and prevalence of oak and holly in Westport is unique to our coastal community.

While many of our trails are a great illustration of this oak and holly landscape, you might find it to be the most prominent at the Dunham’s Brook Conservation Area (Main Road) or Herb Hadfield Conservation Area (Cornell Road and Adamsville Road).

The holidays bring on a reminder of how much we all love American Holly So, when you are out on the trails this winter, take in the beauty of both the structure and form of the hardwood canopy, but also the sharp green in the understory!