2022 has been such a wonderful year for WLCT as we celebrated 50 years. We had the privilege to work on several land preservation projects that embody the work of WLCT strives to execute, conserving the Town’s most special places. One of these was Berry Hill Farm, and it was truly a treat to work with Mr. Bob Pierce who sought to preserve the farm his family has so lovingly cared for over 50+ years. Mr. Pierce was the embodiment of so many we work with in the community who see the tremendous value in preserving agriculture, the town’s character, water quality, and so much more. Preservation and conservation contribute to a healthier community, especially in a world wracked with constant distractions and the need to be glued to a screen. It offers an option to get outside, recreate, connect with the land, access fresh food produced in your community, and so much more. In 2022, I am most thankful for the countless volunteer hours, communal support, and investment this Town makes for future generations to know what past generations have known- connecting with the land = joy! Best wishes and happiest holidays.