Why a rain barrel?

As the South Coast prepares for another summer of uncertain rain, one way to prepare is with a rain barrel. Rain barrels capture water that might otherwise overflow your gutter or drainage ditch and store it for future use. They can also help mitigate erosion due to stormwater runoff. While it is not recommended for people to use the water that runs off the roof, plants thrive with rain water, and a rain barrel allows you to water your plants without using the water from your well!

WLCT and WRWA have partnered with the Great American Rain Barrel Company to provide Westporters with rain barrels at a fantastic price!

  • Order your rain barrel through the Great American Rain Barrel website by July 9th.
  • Pick up will be Saturday, July 22nd from 10 am to 12 noon at Westport Woods, 573 Adamsville Road.

Great American Rain Barrel Company repurposes 60-gallon, food-grade plastic barrels, outfitting them with a plastic spigot threaded for hose attachment, two elbows for overflow and future linking and a mosquito skirt to prevent insects from breeding inside the barrel.

Information for Ordering

  • You are ordering through the Great American Rain Barrel Company
  • All barrels come with spigot , plugs, screen, lid overflow valves and flex tube
  • Billing address must be consistent with address of credit card that you are using
  • Buyers are committing to pick up July 22nd at Westport Land Conservation Trust, Westport Woods 537 Adamsville Road

Order through the Community Program of the Great American Rail Barrel Company