This June, WLCT had the honor of working with a landowner who sought to preserve a beautiful 24-acre farm off Main Road.

Once named Half Mile-in Farm, the 24-acre property boasts 13+ acres of agricultural fields, a former house footprint, and roughly 8 acres of wetland. A tributary of Dunham’s Brook, a Massachusetts coldwater fishery resource, also bisects the property. With locally important agricultural soils and a rare water resource, the farm is a prime example of what our community seeks to preserve.

“WLCT is grateful for this inspiring donation from these landowners. This farm embodies what we all
love most about Westport, and we are excited for its future,” says Tina Schmid, WLCT President.

The anonymous landowners generously donated the farm to WLCT to conserve its beauty into the future, in memory of a parent who had a deep appreciation for the environment. WLCT is forever appreciative for the donor’s vision and passion for conservation.

WLCT will spend the summer and fall working on the farm to improve it for future agricultural use and assess opportunities to improve wetland function and habitat in the Dunham’s Brook tributary corridor. Over the years, many different farmers have used the property, but most recently it has been resting fallow. WLCT will also utilize this time to plan for future programming opportunities on the property.

“Farms in Westport and in the region are the hubs for community, ecology, and local products.
Preserving a resource like this farm is essential to the region’s identity,” Ross Moran, Executive Director.

Stay tuned for further updates! For more information on the project please email Ross Moran