Westport Land Conservation Trust (WLCT) thanks the Massachusetts Waterfowlers, Inc. for their on-going partnership to preserve and steward land in Westport.

The Mass Waterfowlers’ latest gift enabled WLCT to purchase a parcel of land in April, totaling 22.1 acres. This parcel directly abuts Westport Woods Conservation Park, and allows WLCT to connect two previously acquired parcels. growing Westport Woods from 82-acres to almost 140-acres. Mass Waterfowlers’ gift will allow WLCT to expand the trail system nearly two-fold on at the park!

“Our goal (the Waterfowlers) is to actively preserve and steward wild places for future generations of sporting men and women. The land trust and others in the area have partnered with us to focus on these vital habitats. We are thrilled to work together” Robert Rebello, Sr. Chair, Board of Directors, Mass Waterfowlers, Inc.

Bob Rebello, Chairman of Mass Waterfowlers, has been a vital partner with WLCT in preserving critical habitat throughout Westport. Founded to protect and preserve waterfowl and other wild fowl, the Massachusetts Waterfowlers, Inc. promotes, educates and trains the public in the protection and preservation of waterfowl and other wild fowl habitat.

Mass Waterfowlers, Inc. has awarded four grants to the WLCT. Previous grants supported the purchase of Santos Farm, Herb Hadfield Conservation Area, the Headwaters Conservation Area and other parcels across Westport. Mass Waterfowlers specifically supports purchases that expand habitat preservation and allow hunting.



“WLCT’s work in preserving a variety of special places across Town is made possible by leaders like the
Mass Waterfowlers, who share a vision to connect future generations to Westport’s special places” Ross Moran, Executive Director, WLCT