You might see some new faces on WLCT’s tractor and work truck, and around the properties this summer. We have three summer interns: Nellie Harvey, Nate Vanech, and Nick Abreu.

Interns are an important part of WLCT’s land stewardship program. During the busy summer growing months, interns assist with property maintenance and trail upkeep. They work directly with Nate McCullin, WLCT’s Land Steward, as well as with the Tuesday Trail Team volunteers. Interns are a vital piece of the conservation ecosystem, developing skills they will take with them into future positions and furthering their own understanding of the need for land preservation.

Nellie Harvey is WLCT’s full-time intern. A graduate of University of Vermont, Nellie chose to work at WLCT in order to learn more about conservation and how land trusts work.

Nick Abreu returns for a second year at WLCT. An engineering student at URI, he works on WLCT properties on Fridays.

Nate Vanech is a part-time intern. He is a rising sophomore at Connecticut College.

“Every year we get excited during the spring time to bring on a new team of interns to WLCT. They are at the heart of keeping our trails in great condition during the warmer months and witnessing their growth as future land stewards training with WLCT is the best!”

Ross Moran, WLCT Executive Director

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