Fun In The Sun

For many of us here in Southern New England, the summer months represent the epitome of downtime. The humidity lingering in the air slows our pace; the heat not-so-subtly suggests we make our way to the seaside. But here at Westport Woods, we are on the move!

In collaboration with the Westport Recreation Department, we have been coordinating and running a Nature Camp during the month of July. It has been a thrill and a joy seeing so many faces–often new visitors to our properties, some returning after previous camps and treks through the Woods–coming to learn, explore, and adventure with us.

Birds, Bees, Butterflies

Over the course of our camp schedule, we have spent wonderful stretches of time in the meadows of our property, observing and identifying the summertime birds (like Eastern Bluebirds and American Goldfinches), getting our hands on bees (and identifying the difference between domestic bumblebees and our productive honeybees from Italy), and counting Monarch butterflies as they land and make nurseries of the milkweed in our Discovery Garden. When we aren’t hiking out to the vernal pool to find Green Frogs, we are exploring the stream at the border of the property, searching for tracks and signs of unusual visitors. Each day is a different journey, as our wonderful team of camp counselors brings a passion for thematic programming, rotating through nature-based stories in our circle time before heading out on the trails and engaging in novel art activities using paints, found materials, and other mixed media.

Collaboration is Key

The partnership with the Westport Recreation Department has been a great opportunity for WLCT to create meaningful connections with children and provide opportunities for outdoor experiences to young learners from a wide range of backgrounds. Collaboration has been the key to unlocking these opportunities, and with the support of the Recration Department staff–who are building experience in the field of environmental education–making memories for our young outdoor enthusiasts. We have been thrilled to offer these opportunities to our campers and greatly value the collaboration with our community partners. We are overjoyed to have welcomed so many enthusiastic, curious and energetic individuals to our properties. For more information about Recreation Department programs, please see their website.

A Conservation Park for All Ages

Westport Woods Conservation Park, 573 Adamsville Rd, is open dawn to dusk, daily. You are invited to walk the trails through warm season grasses and into the woods. Look for the vernal pool and listen to the red-tail hawk. An all-access path meanders through the cultivated native plant gardens and around interactive children’s activity centers. Dogs are welcome but they must remain on their leash.