WLCT’s week of thanks features individuals, community members, and more who make our work possible. Each year we highlight just some of the many people who strive to preserve and connect our community to Westport’s natural beauty. This year our Tuesday Trail Team completed well over 2,000 hours of service–just about filling the shoes of one full-time employee.

Hope Sterling is a wonderful illustration of a land steward volunteer. Her background in commercial horticulture is a tremendous value add to our work and to the group dynamic. She brings a high-degree of knowledge in land management, equipment, and so much more.

Hope’s familiarity with tools and plants means that there is more than one professional to facilitate volunteer projects and makes Tuesday Trail Team’s time more efficient.

As Trail Team grows, the group needs more leaders with expertise. Hope’s natural leadership and knowledge domain greatly increase the capacity of the Tuesday Trail Team. Safe, smart, efficient, good communicator, amiable!

Land Steward Nate McCullin says, “Hope isn’t afraid to make decisions and other volunteers have confidence in her decisions. Other volunteers look to her for guidance about plants and technique, which allows me to focus on volunteers and jobs that need more guidance.”

Thank you Hope and the many other dedicated Trail Team volunteers for accelerating stewardship!