WLCT’s Week of Thanks features individuals, community members, and more who make our work possible. Each year we highlight just some of the many people who strive to preserve and connect our community to Westport’s natural beauty. Today’s Week of Thanks spotlights Meryl Moss!

Meryl is a Drift Road resident and former healthcare executive who brings her expertise to the WLCT Board of Directors as new member this year. Meryl has served on the WLCT Finance Committee for almost three years and two years on our Development Committee. Meryl is a dedicated volunteer at the committee level, and also very active on the trails.

Meryl was introduced to WLCT when her husband Randy joined the Tuesday Trail Team several years ago. Randy loves to work outside–Trail Team was a perfect fit for him. His enthusiasm was contagious and drew Meryl in. She and Randy think that it’s crucial for folks to be connected with nature and get out on the land in Westport.

“Each trail is so unique, and I wanted to become an ambassador to get people out on them.”  

Meryl is inspired by the WLCT team and how Westport is a special place for its proximity to the ocean, it’s history, and its natural beauty. WLCT is grateful for Meryl’s enthusiasm and service as we are of all our board members, committee members, and volunteers!

A huge thank you to our current board of directors:

  • Tina Schmid
  • Steve McGuiness
  • Tim Vanech
  • Kate Neave
  • Patti Cerilli
  • John Patterson
  • Kate Schmidt
  • Spinner Findlay
  • Phil Burling
  • Valerie Bassett
  • Meryl Moss
  • Geoff Swaebe
  • Pam Wilde