TTT gathers in the Children’s Discovery Garden, December 2023

2024 brings many exciting opportunities here at WLCT, but perhaps none more exciting than celebrating 10 years of the Tuesday Trail Team!

Throughout 2024, TTT@10 will showcase the work of WLCT’s Tuesday Trail Team. This amazingly dedicated group gather every Tuesday to tackle a diverse range of stewardship projects with our expert staff.

Collaborative from the Start

Tuesday Trail Team began with a conversation. A staff member had seen first-hand the work of another organization’s volunteer stewardship team and pitched the idea to a new WLCT volunteer. A staff-led, volunteer trail team seemed a good way to connect WLCT’s burgeoning stewardship needs with an interested crew of volunteers.

Today, WLCT cares for almost 1,600 acres of publicly accessible land. This land takes over 4,000 routine hours of care, tackling a variety of tasks including mowing, string trimming, tree, work, trail blazing, planting, managing bog bridging, and so much more. The TTT, as they are known, is critical to accomplishing WLCT’s mission.

Since 2014, the Trail Team has accomplished some significant feats:

  • Total of over 15,000 hours dedicated to property care
  • Planted over 1,000 trees and shrubs across various properties
  • Planted over 7,000 bulbs at Westport Woods alone
  • Supported the construction of the Children’s Discovery Garden and Woodland Path at Westport Woods
  • Constructed the Mill Pond micro-orchard, outdoor classroom, and all-person path
  • Blazed miles of and miles of trails across 11 public access properties
  • Supported the seeding of 20+ acres of meadow
  • Helped rehabilitate and restore Walt’s Farm, after it was aquired
  • Begun the removal of 40 years of invasive growth at Half Mile In Farm

We’ll be highlighting this amazing community of people who provide selfless service each Tuesday, through TTT@10 volunteers, projects, and stories. Stay tuned…

If you have photos or stories to share, please contact!

The Tuesday Trail Team welcomes volunteers of all abilities. Please contact if you are interested.