Westport is so special to me because of its amazing mix of coastline, farmland and small town character.

When we were building our house on Adamsville Rd in 2017, I spent many hours on the St Vincent DePaul property. We heard many proposals for the long-fallow property, and were convinced that we wanted it to remain open space. Needless to say, we were delighted when WLCT purchased the property.

I continue to be determined to help make Westport Woods all it can be for our community and beyond.

My background is in commercial horticulture. I spent most of my working years at Sylvan Nursery, retiring in 2022.

I am a proud member of the Tuesdays Trail Team, and volunteer for WLCT events whenever I am able.

I enjoy working with like-minded people, and want to share whatever knowledge of stewardship I have with team members.

I look forward to continuing to serve on the WLCT Stewardship Committee and joining the board.