Celebrate outdoor exploration with our new Trail Explorers program

This year we’re encouraging everyone to get outside and explore Westport. Our 11 public access properties span the town, from Headwaters in the north to Old Harbor in the south.

Whether you are quietly contemplating the Mill Pond, or pausing under the towering pines at Noquochoke, searching for grassland birds at Herb Hadfield, or pushing a stroller on the accessible path through the forest edge at Westport Woods, Westport’s varied ecosystems inspire adventure in our shared backyard.

Mill Pond Conservation Area, Reed Road

We’re kicking off our program with a special Challenge

We’ve hung a Trail Explorers sign at each property. Each sign has a letter on it. Collect all 111 and you’ll have a phrase.

Send us the phrase and we’ll put your name into a drawing for one of 10 WLCT Trail Explorer’s Backpacks full of fun stuff to take on further adventures. You have until November 30th to complete the challenge!

Throughout the year, look for Trail Explorers programs on our events page and pop-up trail interpretation–just look for the logo. We’re excited to share more about our public access properties through programming that highlights the individual character and beauty of each one.

Do you have a favorite property? What brings you back for each visit? We’d love to hear from the folks who visit properties daily or who want to share their favorite spot.

WLCT is grateful to the Helen E. Ellis Fund of the Westport Cultural Council for providing funding for the Trail Explorers program. Thank you!

  1. No way to reach the Let? We’re giving you that letter for free (although the Let is super cool and we encourage you to visit when you can)! The letter for the Let is D ↩︎