Larry was a trail team member from the beginning- a foundational volunteer. Sadly, he passed away after a brief illness, in December of 2023. Larry’s presence on Tuesday mornings–usually among the last to arrive, always the last to leave–is sorely missed.

Like many others of the original crew, Larry discovered the Tuesday Trail Team through an ad in Shorelines. A civil engineer by training, Larry loved the outdoors. His daughter Lisa expressed that Larry had always loved hard work, sweat, and the satisfaction of making something. Tuesday Trail Team provided him the opportunity to use his expertise, while giving back to the community and being part of a community that was creating a welcoming space.

As a young man, Larry built farm walls in Vermont with his father and uncle. He got to share that knowledge as the Trail Team rebuilt walls at Dunhams Brook Conservation Area and in the meadows at Herb Hadfield Conservation Area.

Boundless enthusiasm

Whether bushwacking new trails, planting flowers, or stringing lights on the holiday tree, Larry loved it all.

Larry captured the essence of the Trail Team experience in this quote from several years ago:

“It’s a lot more than just something to do on Tuesday mornings. It anchors my whole week. Which is really important when you are retired. You need to have that. I am someone who enjoys work and I especially enjoy this type of work. It’s a special group of people. It’s very fulfilling for me and has exceeded every expectation I had.”

The values Larry embodied–love of hard work, satisfaction in finding a solution with the tools at hand, and joy in being outdoors in a community of likeminded folks–is what makes WLCT’s Tuesday Trail Team volunteer team so special. Thank you, Larry. We miss you and are grateful for your service.