Flower Pressing Pop Up Tent

Preserve memories of the growing season by creating art pieces, note cards, or book marks with flowers!

Flower Pressing will be available all week from 10-3, set up in a tent outside by the parking lot of Westport Woods (573 Adamsville Road). Pick some wildflowers and grasses to decorate your piece of blotting paper.

We will have some already dried flowers ready to be glued to cards, but encourage you to bring your own favorite flower, fern, or grass. Take a walk on a dry day mid-afternoon, picking wildflowers that catch your eyes with their color and shape. It’s important to pick when they are free of moisture from rain or dew. Bring it in to Westport Woods and capture the memory of a special summer with a press of your favorite flower!




Aug 15 2022 - Aug 21 2022


10:00 AM - 03:00 PM


Westport Woods Conservation Park
573 Adamsville Road, Westport, MA


Westport Land Conservation Trust