Shorebird Strolls of the South Coast: Gooseberry Island

Our Shorebird Strolls will be a series of walks at a different coastal location in October and November. These walks will identify birding hotspots around Westport with various features that entice different kinds of bird life to each. Although we will endeavor to keep to the most accessible trails at each walk, we will also use coastal access trails to reach the shore and see what shorebirds, sea ducks, and other species might be stopping over in our South Coast habitats.

The first of our three walks exploring the birds of the South Coast will be at Gooseberry Neck and Causeway. We will focus on the late seasonal migrants – some of the last wave(s) of migratory shorebirds making their way to warmer climates from the arctic breeding grounds. The upland area is also known to harbor many different species, such as birds of prey, songbirds, and even an elusive mimid (or two).

We recommend bringing a comfortable pair of shoes that can handle shoreline walking, as well as optics such as a camera and/or binocular, and a water bottle.

Please register using this link.

Photo: Buzzard Bay Coalition

Parking for this event will be in the lot by the DCR trailhead, beyond the gates.


Oct 26 2023


08:00 AM - 10:00 AM
Gooseberry Island Causeway


Gooseberry Island Causeway
West Shore Road, Westport MA