Zoom with your feet- Photography Workshop

Learning to see – and photograph – the world differently.

In this workshop led by Greg Stone, we will examine perspective in photography – how the camera lens – and your choice of distance from a subject – can dramatically alter what you see and what your camera records. Understanding those differences and using them to our advantage is what we will be exploring in this workshop. Photography enthusiasts of any skill level and with any equipment are welcome, but it is important  that you have a camera – phone, point and shoot, DSLR, or mirrorless – with a zoom function or interchangeable lenses. We’ll spend roughly half our time indoors, examining concepts and examples, and half our time in the field, applying what we have discussed. Click register here to sign up for the workshop.

The subject in the following three images remains the same and is framed almost identically. What changes is the distance between photographer and subject and the focal length of the lens that is used. That adds up to each picture having a much different perspective.


Nov 12 2022


09:00 AM - 11:00 AM




Westport Woods Conservation Park
573 Adamsville Road, Westport, MA


Westport Land Conservation Trust