Land Protection Projects

WLCT is working to complete nine projects this year. Those projects will protect over 200 acres of land across Westport, including working farmland, forests, and water resources. The Town and State have committed $780,000 and WLCT is working to raise $225,000 by year-end.  For more information, contact Executive Director, Ross Moran at or (508) 636 9228, extension 1.

Pettey Farm Agricultural Preservation Restriction

Westport Land Conservation Trust (WLCT) is partnering with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) to protect the 33-acre Pettey Farm on Sodom Road. Located adjacent to 200 acres of protected farmland, the 33-acre Pettey property is a working farm used to pasture beef cattle and grow corn silage for Shy Brothers Dairy.

MDAR will acquire this Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) with assistance from WLCT and the Town of Westport. This APR will forever protect this farm while it remains in private ownership. The APR will also require that the property remain in active agriculture. MDAR and the Town of Westport have committed a total of $689,600 from public sources and WLCT is working to raise the remaining $155,400.

Herb Hadfield Conservation Area Expansion Project

WLCT is working on two projects totaling 49 acres that will expand Herb Hadfield Conservation Area, protect Angeline Brook and connect to Westport Woods Conservation Park. The purchase of the 19-acre Brayton Property will protect significant wetlands and connect Herb Hadfield to Westport Woods. A partnership with the Buzzard’s Bay Coalition will protect 30 acres along Angeline Brook that are adjacent to Herb Hadfield and allow for an expansion of trails. The total cost of these two projects is $229,000. $84,000 will come from public sources and WLCT has a goal to raise $140,000.

Photo by Greg Stone-Angeline Brook at the 30-acre Herb Hadfield expansion

Cold Water Stream Protection

WLCT is working to protect two properties totaling 53 acres on streams that contain documented sea-run brook trout populations. First, WLCT is working with the Buzzard’s Bay Coalition to protect a 49-acre property that contains almost the entirety of Lyons Brook, a tributary to the East Branch of the Westport River. The property contains unfragmented forest that buffers the brook from land use impacts. Second, WLCT is accepting the donation of a 4.2-acre property along Boiling Brook at Westport Point. This property is adjacent to 17 acres of land owned by WLCT and has frontage on the Brook. WLCT is working to raise $30,000 to complete these two projects.

Noquochoke Village Open Space Project

WLCT first acquired the Forge Pond Conservation Area (off Forge Road) in 2006. In 2017, WLCT acquired the nearby Strawberry Fields property and has been working with the Town of Westport to protect a missing link, the open space behind the Noquochoke Village Housing Development. WLCT will accept the donation of a conservation restriction over this 25-acre property, and will manage a trail system with the goal of connecting all three properties for passive recreation. This connection of almost 70-acres of open space in a densely populated area of town will provide beautiful vistas and views of a hidden part of the upper Westport River. WLCT has raised the funds needed to complete this acquisition.

want to volunteer?

We always need more volunteers! If you are interested in volunteering with the Westport Land Trust, then give us a call at (508) 636-9228 or simply email and put “Volunteer” in the subject line.