Land Protection Projects

Walt’s Farm

Westport Land Conservation Trust (WLCT) has a unique opportunity to preserve Walt’s Farm at 439 Briggs Road (aka Pietrzyk Farm). Recently, this farm was listed for sale and has a buyer with plans to develop it. The Town of Westport sought us out as a partner in potentially protecting this special farmland.

The Town of Westport reached out to WLCT with the potential to work together to purchase the farm, permanently protect it with a Conservation Restriction focused on agriculture, and resell it to a qualified farmer to farm the land. The Board of Selectmen made this decision on January 19th, 2021 and WLCT is beginning the process of obtaining more information about the property’s history.

More information about the project and resale process can be found here.


Pettey Farm Agricultural Preservation Restriction

WLCT is partnering with the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources (MDAR) to protect the 33-acre Pettey Farm on Sodom Road. Located adjacent to 200 acres of protected farmland, the 33-acre Pettey property is a working farm used to pasture beef cattle and grow corn silage for Shy Brothers Dairy.

MDAR will acquire this Agricultural Preservation Restriction (APR) with assistance from WLCT and the Town of Westport. This APR will forever protect this farm while it remains in private ownership. The APR will also require that the property remain in active agriculture. MDAR and the Town of Westport have committed a total of $689,600 from public sources and WLCT is working to raise the remaining $155,400.


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