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Sharing Nature with YOU!

I hope this message finds you well and healthy. I am thrilled to see so many of you enjoying the outdoors at WLCT’s various properties across town. Please continue to use the natural world as a refuge and do so safely, following the clear guidelines provided by our hard-working public health officials. 
During this time, WLCT is sharing images and videos of nature on Facebook, Instagram, and our website. We want to share nature with YOU, whether or not you are able to get outside right now. Check out our pages often to see spring emerging, learn more about our properties, and participate in our virtual events.
Below are some ideas of what we are looking forward to in the coming weeks. Perhaps you will notice these spring happenings as well.
– Spring is a great time to capture the emergence of the living world, especially the many blooming flowers and trees. Fruit trees are beginning to bud with exquisite flowers and daffodils are awaking from their winter slumber. 
– Gardeners are beginning to prepare flower beds exposing bare earth, and the spring rains provide an abundance of mud and puddles. Take walk down your street after a spring rain and jump in a puddle. Or just think about the possibility.
– On your hike, capture a video of peaceful moments in the woodland. Chattering birds, swaying trees, a flowing brook all provide a sense of calm.
In times like these, we must be here for each other. So, partner with WLCT on your next trip outdoors, whether it be in your yard or on one of our properties. Share your photos and videos. Share them with us. Share them with your family and friends. We can all use more moments of calm from nature.
Stay well, and please reach out to me if you have any ideas or suggestions for how WLCT can continue to be here for YOU! 


Ross Moran
Executive Director


Special places don’t stay special on their own. Our dedicated volunteers make sure every one of our destination properties is ready for your next adventure.