Frank Rod (above) crafting one of WLCT’s new trail signs posts installed over the summer. 

Retired police officer and US Army veteran, Frank Rod, helps keep WLCT trails clear, parking areas clean and boardwalks sturdy. From removing bark on locust logs for the Children’s Garden to installing shelves in WLCT’s office, Frank goes above and beyond to support the daily operations of the land trust. Thank you Frank!

Why is volunteering for your local land trust important to you?

Community service,  for me,  is an important part of citizenship in a free society. It’s not sufficient that we just pay taxes and let the government take care of it. Everyone has interests and talents they can direct in service to their communities. The Land Trust is a way for me to use what I love doing to give back to the community.

Frank Rod

What’s been your favorite Trail Team project so far? 

Hmmm for a favorite project,  that’s tough as I really am into all the trail projects. The maintenance, construction of the boardwalk at Herb Hadfield, etc. The Dunham Brook footbridge project is right up there.  But,  as I wasn’t really a member of the Trail Team for that project, I’m not sure that counts. So,  needless to say, those type of projects are my forte and it’s tough to actually choose a favorite. However, I’m gonna have to go with the tail markers that I was involved in, this year. Given the status of that project and my involvement in it, I really came away from it with a deep sense of accomplishment. 

Frank Rod

Frank (above) working hard to complete the Children’s Garden at Westport Woods last spring.