Fall Foliage Photography Tips by WLCT Photographer Greg Stone

Fall is about color – big time – so if you have the right scene before you, it’s pretty hard not to get an exciting picture. Still, here are a few tips for photographing the fall foliage in Westport you might find helpful.

Location, location, location.

You have to be where the color is, and perhaps you know the best spot in town. My personal favorite is Forge Pond, but there are several other nice locations, including Brookside Conservation Area, Adamsville Landing, Herb Hadfield Conservation Area, Noquochoke, and I’m looking forward to seeing the new row of maples planted just behind the long, curving stone wall that fronts Westport Woods Conservation Park.

Water, trees, and a calm day give you a double eyeful!!

This is one major element that makes Forge Pond so nice – the pond reflecting the show the trees put on. The key is to get there on a calm day, which frequently means in the morning, or late afternoon. The dam offers a special bonus. But anywhere you can find water – even a mud puddle – look for incorporating reflections into your foliage shot.

All kinds of weather – rain or shine – can give your fall images a special touch.

Wet leaves – during, or following, a gentle rain – can take on a special charm. Is it a windy day? One of my favorite things is catching leaves as they blow off the trees. It’s kind of a game with me and sometimes it can be very easy. It puts the fall in Fall!

Try to catch the red and gold during the Golden Hour.

Yep – the whole world looks better during the hour surrounding sunrise and sunset each day. Photographers call this the “Golden Hour” because of the warm tones the low, slanting light gives everything. People have slightly varying times of exactly when it is. My guide is 20 minutes before sunrise to 40 minutes after it – and 40 minutes before sunset to 20 minutes after it. Good time to see wildlife activity also!


Fall – It’s not just about leaves!

Fall can be a special time to get beautiful pictures of birds, deer, and kids – even adult humans. Life in whatever form it takes can spice up your foliage pictures – or can be the subject of your pictures with the beautiful foliage making a terrific backdrop. And fall doesn’t end when the leaves are off the trees.

Look for bold color contrast – not every shot needs to be a rollicking blast of multi-colored leaves.

And don’t be afraid to go abstract!