The Westport Land Conservation Trust and the Westport Historical Society have joined forces to celebrate the unique character that was Herb Hadfield (1928 – 1989).  Known for his affinity with the natural world, Herb Hadfield was an independent thinker, artist, environmentalist, and lover of animals. Please join us on Monday May 16 at 10 AM to remember Herb Hadfield and for a guided walk into the interior meadow of the Hadfield Conservation Area where his cabin was built 40 years ago.  Those who knew Herb (or who are curious to learn more) are invited to share a memory about him or bring along an object associated with him.

The event will be held on Monday, May 16th at 10am and will take place at the Herb Hadfield Conservation Area, enter from 255 Cornell Road and meet near the parking area. (In the event of bad weather, this event will move to the WLCT Learning Center at Westport Woods, 573 Adamsville Road)

As well as the event on Monday May 16th, there will be an ongoing Pop up tent from the 16th-20th. The tent featuring audio from an interview with Herb Hadfield in 1977, newspaper clippings, and other photos will be displayed in the meadow all week for visitors to enjoy.

“I’m building a log cabin in the woods and I’m not going to have any electricity, no telephone. I’m going to try to do it myself, and if I succeed in some of these areas, I can say, ‘Look what can be done.”

Please Email for any questions or comments