The enormous spruce tree gracing the front yard of Kirby House at Westport Woods is the gift of Ray Elias. The spruce, like Ray himself, is a lifelong resident of Westport and an integral part of the community. Generations of children will remember this tree lit up at the end of the Elias family driveway during the holidays.

WLCT is delighted to give the tree, which had to be removed, one last holiday light up!

The spruce (species undetermined) was planted in 1974 on Holly Lane by Ray and Susan Elias. The tiny tree was a gift from Susan’s grandfather, Manuel Santos of Drift Road. Manuel was the brother of John Santos, Sr. and Gilbert Santos, who donated land for the Town Fields, and owned the Santos farm on Main Road.

For decades, Susan trimmed the spruce each spring and Ray decorated it each winter–much to the satisfaction of their son and the neighborhood children. Ray climbed the tree each year in order to trim it for the lights which lit it top to bottom.

Ray calls it!

The spruce is a symbol of the work of the Elias and Santos family on the Elias farm and also of the contributions Ray has made to Westport, most significantly to the generations of youth sports.

Please join us in thanking Ray for the gift of this wonderful spruce and for the years of delight it–and Ray–have given the Town of Westport. And be sure to drive by Westport Woods after the sun goes down on December5th and throughout the dark days of December and January.