Saturday March 23rd

Westport Middle High School

400 Old County Road, Westport

tickets available through Eventbrite for 10am

tickets available through Eventbrite for 1pm

or buy your tickets at the door!

“We love introducing people to their wild owl neighbors. Most people don’t realize they have owls living nearby, sometimes even in their yards. The Westport area is rich in owl life. We teach people how to identify owls by their hoots and toots, as well as recognizing them by their markings. The smiling faces of audience members at our programs attest to what we’ve known for years: Hanging out with owls is fun. Be warned though, hanging out with owls will leave you wanting more! Come and meet your wild neighbors, owl wise that is.”

Mark Wilson, wildlife photojournalist, Eyes on Owls

A huge thank you to the community businesses which make the Owl Show possible: