Headwaters Conservation Area

Headwaters Conservation Area is located in the northeast corner of Westport.

187 Blossom Road • 145 acres • 2.5 miles of trails

Headwaters Conservation Area is a forested property that contains the headwaters of Bread and Cheese Brook, a beautiful cold water stream feeding the East Branch of the Westport River. Headwaters boasts an impressive array of hiking trails that traverse hardwood forests, stream-side natural communities, areas of early successional shrub land, and an impressive white pine stand. Visitors should be prepared for moderate grade changes over uneven terrain. These diverse habitats provide excellent bird watching opportunities. Protection of this area was made possible by funding and organizational assistance from The Trustees, the Westport Community Preservation Fund, Massachusetts Waterfowlers, Inc. and private donors. Trails were created in 2015 by Preston Duclos and Boy Scout Troop 100 of North Westport. Hunting is permitted in this area. We require that all hunters contact the WLCT office prior to hunting.


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