Herb Hadfield Conservation Area

The iconic Herb Hadfield Conservation Area stands alone among our destination properties.

The Herb Hadfield Conservation Area is arguably WLCT’s most visited property, in part because it is our only Destination Property with two parking lots and trail heads. Accessed from both Adamsville Road and Cornell Road, this property has hiking trails that bisect oak forests and mixed hardwood forests along pristine Angeline Brook, one of Westport’s finest coldwater streams. The central portion of this linear property contains a former six acre agricultural meadow that WLCT has recently re-cleared and is preparing to restore to native grassland species. The trailhead from the Cornell Road parking lot traverses a beautiful meadow (portions in private ownership). Pending acquisitions will increase HHCA by 50 acres. HHCA was assembled through two acquisitions, the first by a generous donation from former owners William and Cynthia Krause, along with funds from the town’s Agricultural/Open Space Trust Fund, WLCT, The Trustees of Reservations and the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Wildlife. The second acquisition was funded through the Massachusetts Waterfowlers, Inc. and Westport’s Community Preservation fund.

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