Herb Hadfield Conservation Area

The iconic Herb Hadfield Conservation Area stands alone among our destination properties.

255 Cornell Road or 364 Adamsville Road • 187 acres • 2.5 miles of trails

The Herb Hadfield Conservation Area can be accessed from both Adamsville Road and Cornell Road. This property has hiking trails that bisect oak and mixed hardwood forests along pristine Angeline Brook, one of Westport’s finest cold-water streams. The central portion of this property contains a former 6-acre pasture that WLCT has converted to a native warm-season meadow. The area was assembled through two acquisitions that were made possible with funds from the Town of Westport’s Agricultural Open Space Preservation Trust Fund, The Trustees, the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Wildlife, Mass. Waterfowlers, Inc., and many private donors. Hunting is permitted in this area. We require that all hunters contact the WLCT office prior to hunting.

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