Westport Town Farm

Westport Town Farm may be the last “poor farm” in the Commonwealth that remains both owned by a municipality and utilized for agricultural purposes.

830 Drift Road • 40 acres • 1mile of trails

Westport Town Farm, a reservation of The Trustees, is a beautiful riverfront property. The farm dates from colonial times and still hosts stone walls, an antique farmhouse, dairy barn and corn crib. It served as Westport’s “poor farm” for more than one hundred years. The one-mile walking path traverses woods and pasture, and circles a large hay meadow adjacent to riverside salt marsh. The beauty and gentle terrain make this property very popular with dog walkers, artists and photographers. In 2006, The Trustees partnered with WLCT, the Town of Westport and local residents to save the farm as a community resource and open it to the public. Its revitalizationwas made possible with funding from WLCT, The Trustees and many private donors. An agreement, approved at town meeting, provided The Trustees with a long-term lease to steward the property. Today, the farmhouse serves as an office and a private residence.


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