Earth Day has arrived and this year’s theme is “Invest in Our Planet.” For 52 years, Earth Day has sought to highlight the need to preserve this very special place we call home. There are so many ways you can do this in your community. Below is a collection of ideas on how you can invest in the planet right here in Westport:

1.       Get Outdoors! – Appreciation for the outdoors begins with exploring it. Experience the fresh air in the forest, the clean water of a stream or brook, and bask in the sounds of wildlife as spring awakens. Try this at the Dunham’s Brook Conservation Area where you can experience a variety of landscapes.

2.       Manage your lawn and gardens for habitat- Did you know that waiting to cut your lawn until early May will drastically increase the number of beneficial pollinators and wildlife who need early season forage? Gardens are very similar- wait to cut back those perennials until a week of consistent 55+ temperatures and overwintering insects will awaken from their slumber without disturbance.

3.       Support your local conservation organizations- Westport is lucky to have not only WLCT, but other organizations that focus on preserving our planet. Become a member today!

4.       Get involved – WLCT hosts many volunteer opportunities including our Tuesday Trail Team and new opportunities to volunteer with our burgeoning Land Connection program. By volunteering you can give back to others, give back to the planet and also create meaningful connections to the land with others.

In addition to these four, you can support local sustainable food by buying from Westport’s local farms, getting involved in Town-wide efforts like the Climate Resilience Committee or COW the bi-annual litter cleanup, and collaborating with your neighbors to care for the special surrounding landscapes. There are so many ways you can invest in our planet right here in Westport!